Radio iOS App

Leverage the newly created API, see Insight Library project, specifically to meet the use case of listening to our recorded content (a combination of “Ted Talks” presentation format, panel discussions, forums, and interviews) on mobile.  Leverage for offline storage for long trips, common among listeners, where internet is spotty or unavailable.  Develop an iPhone application, since that is the standard corporate smart phone, but via an HTML app to share basic code with the Insights iOS App, which has similar, but not identical audiences. Utilize the following features:
  • Comments
  • Liking publications- specifically to influence the search algorithm
  • Personalized subscriptions to particular channels
  • Push notifications to minimize internal email communications about new publications
  • Set up metrics to track popularity of tracks and general usage
The information architecture what similar to the Insights Library, so we dove into internal use cases in particular.  Offline storage of all publications was quite large, so the first technical evaluation was how far back and for what period to store the tracks by default.   In addition, we suggested the following features:
  • Tour of value propositions, to further entice new internal users of the application
We created several wireframes, mapping out the flow of the application and the organization of the home screen.  We kept the concepts of Popular, Recent and Discover as the main method of discovering channels and individual tracks in those channels: popular feeds of user generated content (number of likes), recent is chronological, and discover is an editorial curated list of promoted tracks.  We also decided to focus on an ocean view, since that was what inspired us to create the application in the first place- flying over no-internet-zones.