Private Client Campaign


Introduce prospective clients to the Private Clients practice area at Cambridge Associates.

  • Create an email template
  • Create a new landing page with contact form integrated into our CRM
  • Set up analytics to track campaign success
We also need to utilize the branding metaphor of both a micro and macro view (close shot and far-away shot photography pairing) as a metaphor for the unique method of portfolio evaluation.
During the design kickoff, we identified the need to reinforce the value propositions with concrete number callouts associated with the depth and breadth of CA service offering.  It was also critical to outline the types of clients covered- ideally in some sort of infographic or chart- something to draw attention to the diversity of clients. It was also important to bring our thought leadership in terms of publications, so we are able to communicate and promote relevant “insights” that pertain specifically to this type of prospective client. We also had new analytics to embed in the analytics dashboard regarding the success of the campaign and compare to regular traffic.
We created a wireframe of the basic page architecture of both the landing page and email, similar to the Endowments and Foundation landing page.  This helped us prioritize and evaluate the real estate that we wanted to take up for they key messages.  The use of bold key numbers and illustrations let us break up the main service offering content into manageable pieces.  A bubble chart was used to draw attention to the diversity of client portfolio sizes.  A block of facts and figures, with some simple callouts reinforced the initial goal that this awareness has been proven to be key to conversion.  Effort was made to draw comparisons to the other service offering landing pages, so there was an element of consistency of layout and messaging when possible.
Campaign Outcome

Campaign- Month 1
Email metrics:

  • Open rate: 51.0%
  • Click rate: 10.2%

Landing page metrics:

  • Form completion: 32.8%

Campaign- Month 2
Email metrics:

  • Open rate: 45.4%
  • Click rate: 12.5%

Landing page metrics:

  • Form completion: 35.7%