Optica Suite


The most common reason for the steady decline of client retention is simple lack of awareness of our other subscription products.  This motivated the business to create a product suite where the subscribers of one service could get access to the basic, or free version of the other applications.  This resulted in a few initiatives:

  • Create a new product brand that focused on our company’s unique viewpoint on portfolio construction
  • Name the product
  • Develop logos for the suite as a whole and the individual sub-subscriptions
  • Integrate “hooks” of content across applications that fed users from one application into the other, break down barriers between applications

The team worked with a marketing agency to both help us test the possible names, but also run legal and compliance reviews.  We explored the options and decided that the most important place to start was to integrate the navigation across all applications to be consistent, to cross promote at the highest level.  We also brainstormed options that focused on possible naming options that focused on communicating vision, micro and macro focus, insight, etc.  In the end, we selected Optica because we liked the concept of financial optics applied to our industry that tested well with our panel.


We started with the logo and information architecture and re-naming of individual products simultaneously.  The team selected and refined a version that has a sharp and bold reverse checkmark, that implies perspective and validation.  This version was used in both solitary and nested versions with the application names.  The new names were integrated into the universal navigation across all of the applications and related content.


The consolidation of our product suite resulted in a 6% increase in the rate of client retention over the course of the release of the consolidated navigation and prompted the  the redesign of the initial client dashboard.