Optica Benchmarks Campaign

Introduce prospective premium subscribers of Optica Benchmark tool to the features and value provided by our service.
  • Create an email template
  • Create a new landing page with contact form integrated into our CRM
    • Create/embed a video describing of value proposition
    • Create/attach a printable fact sheet
  • Set up analytics to track campaign success
The business stakeholders really wanted something to be dramatic, like the unveiling of an apple product, so we pushed the color palette dark and have a forced perspective view of the application itself.  There was also a desire to show the global breadth of the data as well as the data callouts of key differentiators and offerings.
We created several wireframes of the basic page architecture of both the landing page and email.  This helped us prioritize and evaluate the real estate that we wanted to take up for they key messages.  The use of bold key numbers and illustrations let us break up the main service offering content into manageable pieces.  We sketched out several examples to show the different sizes… donut chart was used to draw attention to the diversity of client types.  A block of facts and figures, with some simple callouts and charts reinforced the initial goal that this awareness has been proven to be key to conversion. The subject line was A/B tested, but ultimately there wasn’t a clear winner.  We ended up using: “Benchmarking Private Investments is Complex.  Cambridge Associates Has a Solution”.
Campaign Outcome

Campaign- Month 1
Email metrics:

  • Open rate: 16.0%
  • Click rate: 2.5%

Landing page metrics:

  • Form completion: 35.9%

Campaign- Month 2
Email metrics:

  • Open rate: 16.5%
  • Click rate: 2.6%

Landing page metrics:

  • Form completion: 35.8%

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