Client Dashboard


Update the current site from the sad list of links to a modern and fresh promotion of our premium subscriptions to our newly combined application suite, Optica. Cross promote subscriptions to applications in which users aren’t currently subscribed.  Entice users to read more research by promoting actual publications. Set up calls to action and analytics about the successful cross promotion of services.  Integrate the recently redesigned and restructured Insights Library.


Initial conversations were with each traditionally independent Optica application product owner to identify and isoloate the key tasks that were common among users.  This was particularly important for those applications that this wasn’t already being addressed already.  We helped identify the tasks, sort them and asked users about the types of information that they were looking for and how that fit into their complete task flow.  We created a journey map that mapped out and calculated common frustration points across the premium applications.  We utilized this information for the redesign of the new authenticated client homepage, which we decided to name: client dashboard as well as the individual application experiences themselves.


During implementation of the dashboard required the rewrite of the outdated technology framework into modern Core/Angular application.  This offered us an opportunity to address some sorely needed updates to some peripheral/admin experiences:

  • Login
  • Reset password
  • Update user profile details and team setup
  • User display preferences (default currency, date format, etc.)

We began with wireframes that outlined the key tasks for each individual application to review with individual product teams to identify that we were communicating the information that typical users would be looking for before asking this with hallway testing/quick interviews with original users utilized during discovery.  We then worked as a large cross application team to identify priorities of business units and how to meet the needs of users in terms of priority and emphasis to achieve the best solution for a visual hierarchy.


The consolidation of our product suite resulted in a 6% increase in the rate of client retention over the course of the release of the consolidated navigation, noted in the Optica suite consolidation project, and including the redesign of the initial client dashboard.  The other positive result was that the application teams forged a bond to come together to work as a team for common user good, which has continued past the implementation of this product- forcing a collaborative environment focused on user-centered decision making.

View of the full premium subscription of all applications in Optica.

Default view for those who have previously declined Optica subscriptions.